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You can reduce your insurance premium simply by recommending us to your valued customers, friends and colleagues in the trade.

Most people haven’t heard of Classic Insurance Services. We are one of the best kept secrets in the classic and specialist car world because we have never advertised but we insure over 900 specialist traders and a similar number of collectors, all achieved purely by recommendations.

Many of our trade clients send all their most important customers to us for a quotation in complete confidence, knowing that our service is exceptional, premium savings can be significant and the cover usually wider. We successfully convert most enquiries which cements your relationship with your delighted customer whilst reducing your own insurance bill. We cover all the specialist, classic and everyday cars and motorcycles in one policy which really seems to strike a chord with clients and brings about significant savings in premium. Insurers will waive their rights of recovery against you, providing further savings.

You simply pass on our details for your customer to contact us or better still provide their name, contact number and email address and we will contact them. We tackle many difficult problems like young drivers with super-cars, clients from abroad, celebrities as well as multi-million pound collections and these delighted clients go on to recommend their friends.

As the introducer we pay you an introducers fee of around 10% of the first premium but more importantly you will have saved your customer money, and cemented your relationship with them going forward.

Some key benefits are:


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