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Car theft


The theft of high value SUVs and the like has been highly publicised over the last few years and one insurer alone has had over £2m worth of Range Rovers stolen in a single year, but we are also seeing the theft of more modern classics. Last year we...

Overseas events


With the number of overseas events continuing to increase, it’s surprising how many clients think that the UK policy...



Clients are asking us about the effect of a “no deal” situation and there is no certainty around this...

Supercar insurance


The problems and premiums on very high value modern cars are increasing. There have been two well publicised repair...

Cyber crime


It has become apparent that over the past year there has been a sharp increase in payment fraud involving classic and specialist vehicles. Hackers have identified traders who are obviously dealing in very high value vehicles and have hacked into their emails. They have followed the negotiations around the...

Risk of damage to cars in the hands of motor traders


In our first newsletter entitled “Car Values and Insurance” we outlined the reasons for having an Agreed Value insurance...

Tips for laying up your vehicle


A few things to check out if you have laid up your car: If possible store the car away from...

Top tips for wine investors


Many of our clients have added to their wine collection over the period of insurance. If you’re a collector...

Insurance of foreign registered vehicles


Over the years this question has caused a lot of confusion with motor traders going abroad and bringing back...