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Brexit and Green Cards

October 11, 2019

Back in March we issued some notes to you on Brexit and travelling abroad. With the current exit date of the 31st October looming we felt it was worth reiterating.

Currently UK motor policies automatically provide cover in the European Economic Area as well as Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland. In the event of a “no deal” insurers will continue to provide cover but drivers will need a Green Card as evidence of insurance cover and can expect to have the documentation checked at the border. The final Brexit decision may only come very close to the October deadline so if you anticipate being abroad at that time or going 10 days before the deadline please contact me immediately for a Green Card. It is imperative that you ask me as soon as possible because insurers are going to be swamped with these requests. There will be no charge for these Green Cards.

If you are also keeping one of your UK registered cars in Europe we need to know about this as they also need to have a Green Card.

A physical copy of a Green Card on green paper is needed when travelling as digital copies are not currently accepted. If clients arrive at the border without a physical Green Card, they will not be allowed to drive in that country.