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Cyber Insurance


There has been a lot of publicity around Cyber Crime which is reaching epidemic proportions and a number of...

Professional Indemnity


The Public Liability section of the Motor Trade policy covers loss or damage flowing from Defective Workmanship. So, if...

Loss Adjuster Cover


When a major loss such as a fire occurs, insurers will appoint a Loss Adjuster to act on their...

Introducing Specialist Vehicle Associates


We are delighted to be partnered with Specialist Vehicle Associates, a trade association for those involved in the business of rare, collectible and classic cars. The association – headed up by industry stalwart Martyn Raybould – aims bring businesses of all sizes together in order to mutually benefit one...

Enhance your customer experience and reduce your premium


Many of our trade clients send all their most important customers to us for a quotation in complete confidence,...

Cars outside of the UK


The Road Risks section of the insurance policy is extended to give Foreign Use cover in Continental Europe which...

Motor Insurance Database


It is vitally important that you remove a car from the Motor Insurance Database when it has been disposed...

MOTs and classic cars


Cars made more than 40 years ago and where no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to the vehicle in...